List of suplies - Natural products for the garden and deco side

A comprehensive, naturally smart range,
for both gardening and decoration

La Cordeline products, whether accessories or attachments, have at least two reasons to be there: pleasing those who have green fingers and a creative mind!

Accessoires côté jardin, côté déco - La cordeline
• Gardeners are sensitive people with a good practical sense! That is why La Cordeline also offers marking and storage products combining the aesthetic quality of natural fabrics and a practical, innovative design.
Tags and marking made out of slate, exotic wood, bamboo, copper or aluminium, hampers, gunny sacks and strips, mulching...

Côté déco
• Among your customers, some people are inspired by gardens and nature. See them live a dream in front of your La Cordeline shelf, not necessarily thinking of their future plantations, but about the objects they can customise, the atmospheres they can create or their next scrap book... For them, La Cordeline is a mine of products that are easy to work on, and exists in just about as many colours as their mind can think of...
Côté jardin
• Gardeners are sensitive to the beauty of what surrounds them. They can only be seduced by a range of products which respect plants and the environment. Made from natural and biodegradable materials, our attachments, and especially our gunny string, a flagship product which exists in several length, automatically let plants grow. In the garden, they can be used for tutoring, supports and attachments, without fearing to hurt nature...
Original strings and attachments, "bio clips," paper attachments + pre-cut wire presented in bunches or bobbins, guiding lines and cordage, metal wire bobbins, sisal, raffia...

Accessoires côté jardin, côté déco - La cordeline

A comprehensive, naturally smart range

Presentation of the references in terms of yield, to install in your gardening and creative decoration shelves. The "la Cordeline" selection, highly attractive references.