our natural materials Garden-Deco side

100% natural, 100% creative!

Slate, exotic wood, bamboo, copper or aluminium, gunny, cotton, flax, sisal, raffia... Materials for our products are chosen to please gardeners through their natural and technical aspect, in order to stimulate decorators' creativity thanks to their aesthetic qualities and their colour.

Côté jardin
Gardeners will love La Cordeline products for their quality in terms of biodegradability and harmony with natural environments.

Accessoires côté jardin, côté déco - La cordeline
Natural Matérials - La cordeline

Côté déco
Handy people as well as budding or experienced decorators will know how to use La Cordeline to invent, embellish and excite... These authentic materials also feature great colours, so they can express themselves outside of the garden too: textile creation, scrapbooking, indoor or outdoor decoration...

100% natural, 100% creative!

To maintain our high potential, choosing natural materials for our products is central. This is the condition that the brand "the cordeline", maintains public trust, because nature is a real concern.