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Merchandising et etallage - rayonnages la cordeline

Attractive, intelligently featured products:
it's all natural!

La Cordeline's broad range is presented in a spirit of tradition. Its packaging combine la simplicity (natural), quality (choice of materials, aesthetics) and ingenuity (convenient) : metal boxes, paper tags, beech winders, pre-cut attachments sold in bunches...

To make the presentation of this varied range homogeneous on the shelves, our products also are packaged on card, under film + metal hook as well as in plastic cases adapted to the shape and volume of each of them.

To represent La Cordeline, our products' packaging uses a spring-like green which will give you ideas (create, decorate, embellish), and a hand-made signature, which acts as a reminder that our range is hand-made, based on do-it-yourself joy. We know what we are saying when we advise you to present all La Cordeline products together : the range effect is a token of the brand's identity. It makes your offer even more visible and attractive.

Attractive, intelligently featured products:it's all natural!

Attractive, intelligently featured products

Product value assessment and display of "la Cordeline" references in your shops. Shelves with high visual impact optimise yields quickly in this booming sector.